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Consider reviewing your designated beneficiary

Life changes. And when that happens your beneficiary designation may need to change, too. Be sure to check your beneficiary designation at least once a year. That is the only way you can ensure that the person you want to have the money in your State of Connecticut Defined Contribution Plan account in the event of your death will actually receive it.

Changing or adding a beneficiary is easy! Simply click on the Access Account button, log-in to your account and click the Plan name. Click "Personal Information" under "View Details." Now click "Change or Add" under "Beneficiary Information." You may also use a form to change your beneficiary by clicking on the Forms section of this website and selecting the form associated with your Plan.

For those looking for additional assistance, the website allows you to schedule a one-on-one meeting with a State of Connecticut Dedicated Retirement Counselor. Simply navigate to the Meet your Counselor tab and select Schedule a Phone Consultation with a Retirement Counselor External Site. Opens in a new window..

Questions? Call Empower: 844-505-SAVE (844-505-7283)*

*Hearing Impaired: Call (TDD) 877-760-5166

To view your account history prior to July 1, 2015, click here External Site. Opens in a new window.. (Please have your previous login credentials ready.)