What's New

Signs of Spring are everywhere, and just as we see obvious changes in nature, you'll find changes associated with your retirement plan offerings too.

Effective April 14, 2021 at 4 p.m. ET, GoalMaker® will offer additional portfolio age bands for pre- and post-retirement individuals. This will allow a smoother transition from equity to fixed income investments as you approach—and enter—retirement. These enhancements will offer greater diversification and a more individualized experience based on your age—now and through retirement.

And that's good news, especially if you're already invested in GoalMaker, as no action is required on your part! However, we encourage you to review your asset allocation choices regularly to ensure they still align with your retirement planning goals.

GoalMaker is an optional, easy-to-use asset allocation tool, available in the State of Connecticut Defined Contribution Plans at no additional cost. It helps you choose a professionally designed investment portfolio, based on your “investor style” and years to retirement. GoalMaker also offers an optional Age Adjustment feature that shifts your allocations over time based on the number of years you have left to retirement.

How you invest is always up to you.

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